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M-RES 20 series

The non-contact resistance measurement systems for laboratory and development applications.
The sensor is mounted under the supporting surface. Therefore, samples of different sizes with a thickness up to 1 mm can be easily and reliably measured. The measurement systems of the Series M-RES 20-xxx are very well suitable for the measurement of coated films or plates, as well as for measurements on wafers or cutted samples.
Out of a number of different models with different measurement ranges the best system can be found.
Model Measurement Range (Ohm/sq) Sensor (mm)
M-RES 20-10 0.1 10 14
M-RES 20-100 1 100 14
M-RES 20-1000 10 1000 14
M-RES 20-10000 100 10000 14
M-RES 29-10 0.1 10 9
M-RES 29-100 1 100 9
Other models are available for different ranges and applications.

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